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How we Rate Sites

At we know how important it is for American online poker players to get advice from others in the same situation and with the same experiences. This is why our reviewers are experienced online poker players who know the United States poker market inside out.

We review online poker sites based on a number of criteria, including:

  • Amount of traffic
  • Quality of welcome bonuses
  • Minimum deposit limits
  • Quality of software
  • Suitability for different operating systems and mobile devices
  • A steady supply of fish
  • Variety of poker games
  • Variety of withdrawal methods
  • And much more, all with American players' interests at heart

Why we Offer a Great Comparison Service

We are a site that looks to compare online poker sites based on players' needs and nothing else, so we regularly update our recommended sites as the USA market changes. We know what players want, and we know that the things US players want in 2019 might not be exactly the same as what they want next year.

Our review process is as comprehensive as they come, and we compare sites based on their ability to meet every criterion you could think of when it comes to the things that an online poker player from the States will want. What's more, our reviewers haven't just taken a look at the sites, they've spent hours playing at them to ensure everything is up to our high standard.

How we Look After Player Interests

We have been in the US online poker business for many years, so we have seen everything. It can be a shock to see a popular US poker site pull out of the States, but we care intensely about player interests and we only have your wellbeing at heart.

The online poker sites we recommend for American players have been subject to a stringent review process, a process that doesn’t just stop after we make the recommendation. We keep on top of all the sites that we compare and approve for players in America, and we will take immediate action if we have reason to believe it is no longer safe for an American player to play on any given site. It would be irresponsible of us not to keep on top of all regulatory progress, so we make sure we have our finger on the pulse at all times.

Written by Poker Pros, for Poker Pros

Too many online poker comparison sites are forced into guesswork because they don't have the necessary expertise in their sector. Just as many of the best football scouts have been involved in the sport from a young age, we believe no one is better placed to assess American poker sites than a United States poker pro.

Our reviewers have experience of online poker going back several years, so they are familiar with all the comings and goings of the industry. They have seen many fantastic legal poker sites come to the States over that time, and unfortunately they have also seen some fantastic sites pull out of the market. But this hard graft has seen them become familiar with exactly what you need to know to find the best online poker sites in the USA and thrive while doing so.

Why do we go down this route? Well, we are sure that many of our newest members have aspirations of becoming the next big breakout poker talent from the States, and the pros have told us that the best piece of advice they got was to talk to other pros about how and where to play online poker. It seems only fair that we should pass that on to the next generation of future stars across the United States.

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