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MasterCard is one of the biggest credit card providers in the world, and as a result you can generally be confident that their security team will make MasterCard payments as safe and secure as any other online poker deposit method out there. The speed with which the company has grown and garnered a fantastic reputation since launching in 1966 is testament to that.

While US banking regulations may mean MasterCard transactions are intermittently blocked on certain online gambling sites, US internet poker players should be fine making online poker deposits on US-friendly sites using this particular deposit method.

Advantages of MasterCard Online Poker Deposits

  • Familiarity - MasterCard accepting US poker players is a godsend to many of us who already own a MasterCard. No one really wants to set up a new account with an unfamiliar service just to play legal online poker cash games and tournaments, so being able to make your first deposit using a card you already own is great news for American poker players.
  • Protection - While identity theft affects only a minority of individuals, it is always preferable to give yourself a safety net so you can start playing online poker without any lingering doubts, which could subconsciously put you off your game. Any MasterCard poker site that accepts US players will give you this security.
  • No fees - Any US MasterCard poker site will allow you to make a deposit using your MasterCard without incurring any extra fees, in much the same way as other MasterCard payments in your day-to-day life will be free from added fees.
  • Reputation - Due to the worldwide reputation of this particular deposit method, a MasterCard poker site that accepts US players will be happy to see you deposit using MasterCard. As a result, there is no danger of missing out on welcome bonuses and other online poker perks.
  • However in 2019 an increasing number of US online poker sites have stopped accepting MasterCard as a deposit method so you may need to keep your eyes open for alternatives.
Top 5 MasterCard Poker Sites Online
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How Quick are MasterCard Deposits?

How fast are MasterCard Deposits?

If you can find a US MasterCard site in 2019 then first off, well done! They are fewer and further between than they have been for a long time. If you manage to find such a site, then your MasterCard US online poker deposit should hit your poker account instantly. This does not mean you can withdraw right away if you win the first game you play, however. Processing times mean you may have to wait a few days for the money to become available for withdrawal.

Of course, there are plenty of options when it comes to MasterCard accepting US players depositing to poker sites indirectly using their MasterCard. This means funding an eWallet account, or a Western Union or MoneyGram account, using your MasterCard, and then using this other selected method for your online poker deposit.

Can I Withdraw Using MasterCard?

Can I withdraw using MasterCard

Unfortunately you will probably need to find another withdrawal method. MasterCard poker sites that accept US players used to also allow players to withdraw via the same method, but this is far less common in the 2010s. You should check with the support team at your chosen poker site to find out which withdrawal method they recommend, and be prepared to shell out a small fee when cashing out your winnings.

We Found the Best Sites

Our team of reviewers is made up of experienced online poker players who are used to depositing on, and withdrawing from, the best online poker sites in the States. They have searched through the available options, dedicating hours to finding the best US MasterCard poker sites to make things easier for you.