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New to PayPal poker sites? Well, it’s not much different than buying anything else online. PayPal is a much newer payment method than some large credit card providers like Visa and MasterCard, having only launched as recently as 1998. However over that time it has made it easy for people to make purchases over the internet. Many American citizens have purchased things ranging from computers to groceries to charitable donations using PayPal, and certain online poker sites had been known to offer it as a deposit option in the early days of internet poker.

For anyone unfamiliar with PayPal, it is a safe and secure electronic payment method used for online transactions. You sign up for a PayPal account, often tied to your regular bank card or credit card, and payments go through much quicker than if you had to enter your individual card details every time you bought something new from a different person. But don’t worry about lack of security, as the person you are buying from will not see your card details at any stage.

Finding PayPal Online Poker Sites

Unfortunately for USA online poker players, PayPal stopped processing web poker transactions for American players back in 2002. There has been talk of the method returning, especially in the light of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware issuing the first United States web poker licenses for operators and software companies, however this is yet to happen.

Advantages of Using Online Poker PayPal Banking

  • Invisibility. Your bank details are never visible to the payee when using PayPal. This is a good reason why federally regulated internet Hold'em proponents may well support PayPal accepting US poker players, were the company to return to the American market.
  • Convenience. Many people in America are already signed up to PayPal, meaning that the arrival of a PayPal online poker site that accepts US players would see a number of people not required to set up new accounts elsewhere in order to make their first internet card room deposit.
  • Security. As a well established company, used to dealing with web poker transactions outside the United States (and inside the States up until 2002), PayPal can be trusted to ensure online poker transactions are carried out safely and securely for all players.
Top 5 PayPal Poker Sites Online
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How Fast are PayPal Deposits

How fast are PayPal Deposits

While we aren’t seeing any sites that offer PayPal accepting US poker players, we may be able to take the system elsewhere in the world as something of a guideline for what things would be like if PayPal returns to the USA market. As everything is done electronically, any funds deposited via PayPal will hit an a poker player’s account instantly.

Can I Withdraw Via PayPal?

Players in Europe and the rest of the world can currently withdraw to their PayPal account, as well as depositing using the method. With this in mind, one would anticipate that if the time comes when USA players can make PayPal deposits, a US PayPal online poker site would have it as a withdrawal method as well. We will have to wait and see if the situation changes any time soon.

We Found the Best Sites

We Found the Best Sites

While we are yet to find a PayPal online poker site that accepts US players, our reviewers have still provided a comprehensive guide to the best United States card rooms out there, and they will be quick to update you if they discover that any of our recommended sites have started taking PayPal as a deposit option for players from America.

Our reviewing team consists of experienced American online poker players, some of whom played on sites that offered PayPal accepting US poker players more than a decade ago, before PayPal stopped processing such transactions. Their memory of that time is a little hazy, but they assure us that the days of PayPal deposits on poker sites were a glorious time.