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Prepaid Visa Online Poker Sites

Play with a Prepaid Visa

In addition to credit cards and debit cards, Visa also makes prepaid cards. Instead of being tied to a specific bank account or credit limit, the amount you can spend on such a card is predetermined based on the amount you initially preload onto the account.

It is relatively recently that we have seen Prepaid Visa accepting US poker players, and preloaded Visa cards have been used by people when going traveling, or for parents to pay their children a small allowance and get them used to paying using plastic. However it is an internet Hold'em deposit method that is proving popular with segments of the internet Hold'em community.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • No risk of overspending. Because you know how much has been pre-loaded onto the account, you don’t run the risk of overspending when making deposits to a US Prepaid Visa online poker site. This helps you keep things in check a lot more easily. In contrast, there is some risk of getting carried away when making credit card or debit card deposits and spending more than you can afford.
  • Ease of access. You can buy an already loaded Visa from most convenience stores in the States, so it won’t be a struggle to get your hands on one.
  • Keep web poker funds separate. With a Visa card that's loaded with money, you won’t find yourself dipping into non-poker funds when you make a deposit with an already-funded VISA online poker site that accepts US players.
  • Low fees. The institutions which issue Prepaid Visa cards control things like extra fees themselves, and generally speaking American poker players will not be hit by extortionate fees when making pre-funded Visa deposits. This does not mean there will be no fees at all, though.
  • However, sometimes the types of preloaded Visa cards will only work on selected sites, so it is worth your while checking with support staff at your preferred poker site to make absolutely sure it takes the prepaid card you were planning to buy.
Top 5 Prepaid Visa Poker Sites Online
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How Fast are Prepaid Visa deposits

How Fast are Prepaid Visa Deposits?

A Prepaid Visa web poker site that accepts US players should be able to process deposits in next to no time. In practice this generally means you can start playing real money online poker right away but you might have to wait a couple of days to make your first withdrawal.

Can You Withdraw to a Prepaid Visa?

This is unlikely, and you are best off looking for alternate online poker withdrawal options when cashing out your winnings. As far as players from America are concerned, it is probably best to consider Prepaid Visa cards as the best option for transferring small amounts of money onto an internet poker site.

Depositing with Prepaid Visa

A Prepaid Visa accepting US poker player transactions will be used in the same manner as a regular Visa credit card, whenever the payment option displays in the cashier of a preloaded Visa card room accepting US players. However you should bear in mind that international transaction fees will often apply when making web poker deposits using this method.

We Found the Best Prepaid Visa Online Poker Sites

We Found the Best Sites

Not every United States online poker site will let players make a deposit with every Prepaid Visa, but our reviewers have gone through all the best sites out there to check where this is currently a valid deposit option. Our recommended sites bear in mind the variety of deposit methods available, as well as other features important to American online poker players such as low deposit limits and the best welcome bonuses. Check our reviews section for more information.