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Visa is one of the longest running and most respected credit card brands in the United States, having launched several years before MasterCard in 1958. There are also Visa debit cards issued by banks in certain territories, however this page relates to making US online poker deposits using a Visa credit card.

Advantages of Visa Deposits

  • Longevity. Visa has been in existence for more than half a century, over which time it has built up a reputation as one of the most reliable payment methods for all types of purchases even before online poker existed. It is due to this longevity that Visa has the respect of countless institutions, and this is only ever going to be good news for American poker players.
  • Safety and security. United States poker players need to consider security above all else, and Visa is known for its anti-fraud measures. And because Visa is a multinational company with customers from all around the world, you know there will be someone on the anti-fraud squad in an office somewhere 24/7. Any Visa web poker site that accepts US players will not leave you hanging if you have an issue and you need advice on anti-fraud measures.
  • Convenience. Many US internet card room players will already have a Visa credit card, even if they don’t know it. Your current credit card may well be a Visa, as there are millions of them in circulation all across the United States (and much of the rest of the world), and this means you can sign up to a US Visa online poker site without needing to sign up to any extra services besides the poker site itself.
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How Quickly are Deposits Processed?

How Fast are Deposits using Visa Online

When you find a site offering Visa accepting US poker players, the money you deposit should hit your account instantly. However sometimes the transaction can take a little longer to process, meaning while you can play on a US Visa online poker site for real money straight away, you might need to wait a couple of days before you can withdraw your winnings. One added bonus is that you shouldn’t need to pay an added fee when depositing by Visa.

Can US Players use Visa to Withdraw?

US players have been able to withdraw using Visa in the past, and many poker players elsewhere in the world are still able to, but it seems like the credit card provider has followed MasterCard in blocking American iGambling withdrawals. It may be possible, but your safest option is to use an alternative withdrawal method. You should also be prepared to have to pay a small fee to process your withdrawal from an online poker site.

About Visa Online Poker Deposits

About Visa Online

Visa remains one of the best and most secure deposit options for USA online poker players. The security measures, such as a Visa web poker room that accepts US players requiring you to enter the security number on the back of the card, means you need the physical card in your possession to make a deposit. This reduces the chance of poker players being victims of fraud over Visa payments.

You will still, generally speaking, be required to verify your personal details when making a withdrawal from a US Visa online poker site. This is not specific to Visa accepting US poker players, rather it’s a standard across the entire internet Hold'em industry. This is not to say things will be the same across every single card room you use, as different US Visa web poker sites all have some of their own individual policies, however some personal information will generally be required.