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Fast Payouts

While it is not illegal for American players to play online poker from the States, legislation such as UIGEA has made it harder to get money on and off certain sites.

This is because certain US banks and credit card companies are reluctant to process transactions relating to online poker, but there are still some relatively fast payout poker sites for USA players if you look hard enough. And we definitely know where to look.

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How UIGEA Affected Online Poker Fast Payouts

UIGEA Affected

The passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) has limited the options for the quickest poker payouts for US players, as banks (and some bank-issued credit cards) are no longer an option, even though there is no federal law preventing players from America from playing poker on licensed offshore sites.

All this means in practice is that the fastest poker online payouts for players from the United States are sometimes not as quick as for players elsewhere in the world. However we have found the best sites with the quickest online poker payouts so that when you win money playing poker online you can be sure to get your winnings as quickly as possible.

We Have Found the Best and Fastest Payout Poker Sites

The sites with the quickest poker payouts will always be in demand among US poker players, and we have found the best ones out there.

When we talk about the fastest poker online payouts, we also mean the most straightforward - there's nothing worse with having to jump through hoops to get money that you have won fair and square. That's why all our recommended fast payout poker sites make things as simple as possible for USA players to get their money from the poker site to their bank account.

How Fast are the Quickest Online Poker Payouts

Quickest Payouts

Due to UIGEA, USA sites often offer slower payouts than some European online poker sites. As far as sites accepting US players are concerned, speed of payout largely depends on how you withdraw your winnings.

Services such as MoneyGram and Western Union can allow American players to withdraw winnings in just a couple of days from the fastest payout poker sites (or even under 24 hours with some sites), but if you are withdrawing via check or bank wire it can take a little longer. This is why, generally speaking, when looking for online poker fast payouts you are best off looking for a poker site with a number of different withdrawal methods on offer.


- Can I trust poker sites to pay me out?

All the recommended poker sites at have been independently checked by our team of reviewers to ensure that winnings can be cashed out promptly.

- What about those that didn't pay out after Black Friday

Poker sites that did not pay US players after Black Friday are no longer serving the American market, and all current United States poker sites recommended by us have been independently verified.

- Are these poker sites breaking the law

These poker sites are based offshore rather than in the States, so they are not affected by laws such as those preventing US residents from owning online poker sites. And as we have outlined, it is not illegal under federal law for a citizen of America to play poker online.

- What are the best withdrawal methods for US players

Services such as MoneyGram and Western Union tend to offer the fastest poker online payouts, while bank wires and check payouts tend to be slower. Check our recommended sites before signing up to find out which options each online poker site offers for players from the States.