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Mac Online Poker

Mac Online Poker

There used to be a time when - as a USA player - your options for playing poker online on an Apple computer were limited. You had to look far and wide for online poker Mac OS sites, and even then you'd normally end up having to play a browser-based game.

Now, as Mac OS X has helped revolutionize computing, web poker Mac compatible sites are far more widespread. We have taken a look at the best internet sites for Mac to help you find the best US poker room for your needs.

Top 5 Mac Poker Sites Online
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Native Online Poker Mac Software

Native Mac Software

If your main poker computer uses Mac OS X or an earlier Apple operating system, most of the options available to you when you want to play online Hold'em Mac OS X will come in the form of downloadable internet poker Mac compatible software. However some of the best poker sites for Mac users will also give poker players the option of playing browser based games.

American players can play browser-based poker games instantly, regardless of what operating system they use, but it is worth remembering that downloadable poker online Mac software specifically caters to Mac users so will often have greater attention-to-detail.

The Growth of Online Poker Mac Compatible Sites

For a long time, Windows was king when it came not just to online poker but to computing as a whole. However things began to swing towards Apple long before the advent of OS X. Years ago people might not have known the answer to the question "Can I play online poker on a Mac", but times change and US internet poker is often quick to respond to such changes.

Today, we're seeing Mac OS X poker sites pop up all over the place, and the best ones are quickly attracting more and more players. This should force all web poker Mac OS sites to up their game to stay competitive. And as they do, we'll likely see a lot of non-Mac sites introduce a downloadable Mac client.

Can I Play Poker on a Mac Against Non-Mac Players?

Playing Poker on Mac

The rising number of Mac poker players is good news when it comes to choice for American Mac OS X poker players (after all, praising the 'best poker sites for Mac users' carries less value when there are only a handful out there), if you want to play internet Hold'em Mac OS X it doesn't restrict your chances to win big.

Online poker real money Mac sites will almost always have a Windows version as well, and all the players on both operating systems will be pooled together. This means:

  • Bigger tournaments
  • Bigger prize pools
  • Games running more frequently
  • A greater choice of opponents

Not Every Poker Room has the Online Poker Mac OS Option

As things stand, American players using Mac OS X will not have all the same options as players on other operating systems, but it looks like only being a matter of time before every real money internet poker room of note caters to the Mac user.

Even some of those sites without a downloadable poker online Mac compatible client will have browser-based poker available to anyone on an Apple computer - things are certainly looking up.

The Best Poker Sites for Mac Users

The Best Sites for Mac Users

Our team of researchers has worked long and hard to find the best online poker sites for Mac, playing hours of cards online to get a feel for the pros and cons of every recommended poker room on this site.

As your online poker real money Mac options increase, it can pay to compare the best poker online Mac sites for players from the United States before deciding where to play.