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When people talk of changes in mobile technology, Apple tends to get most of the attention. However Android is just as popular in the United States in 2019 and, naturally, that means poker online Android real money sites are widespread.

With the Android operating system running millions of mobile and tablet devices in the States, online poker sites for Android are a must for any poker room looking to tap into the lucrative American Internet poker market in 2019, so it is not surprising that new Hold’em rooms for Android are cropping up all the time.

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Poker on Android – What’s Not to Like?

Poker on Android

These days most people already do everything else on their smartphone or tablet, so why not internet Hold’em. Mobile poker takes the game to the next level, just as people tend to spend more time on mobile social media sites and mobile video streaming sites. Hold’em players tend to be on the ball when it comes to the latest technology, so the growth of Android Hold’em has been a no-brainer.

Most Android poker sites take the form of browser-based poker rooms. This is not because real money poker for Android was slow to arrive, but because the relevant app stores took longer to accept online poker apps. While America is not there yet, a number of European sites have a poker online Android real money app that players can download direct to their smartphone.

Advantages of Android Poker Apps

Online poker apps for Android offer great flexibility for American poker players:

  • You can play on Android poker sites from anywhere with an internet connection
  • As many poker rooms for Android are browser-based, you can even log in elsewhere and continue playing - this can be useful if you're in the middle of an online poker tournament and get called out elsewhere
  • Online poker Android sites have great ease of use, just like pretty much any other sophisticated Android app away from poker.
  • Some are tied to online casinos or sportsbooks, so other forms of online gambling are just a couple of clicks away

In addition, poker online Android has one significant advantage over iPhone poker - you can play flash poker games on an Android device, while this is not possible on iPhones or iPads. This means an American online poker player using an Android poker device has more options than anyone else.

Android Poker Disadvantages

Android Disavantages

There really are not that many disadvantages to playing poker online Android games, but one that does stand out is that if you play real money poker on an Android phone it might not be possible to play more than one table at a time.

Still, when real money poker for Android lets you play a tournament while watching TV you will never be found wanting when it comes to keeping your mind occupied - for many USA players on Android poker sites, one table is plenty.

We Found the Best Sites

Our team of reviewers consists of experienced American Internet Hold’em players who started playing at online poker Android real money sites pretty much as soon as it was possible. This has naturally made it easier for them to find the best Android poker apps and sites in the United States.

With reviews taking into account factors such as high traffic, great bonuses, low minimum deposits, quick withdrawals, a wide variety of games and more, you can rest assured in the knowledge that the poker online Android real money sites recommended by our team will have everything you are after.