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Most Popular Poker Sites

Most Popular Poker Sites

There's a reason why high traffic poker sites continue to grow and attract more players to start playing poker online. As a poker player I imagine you want to be able to start playing at a time convenient for you, and this is only possible on the highest traffic online poker sites.

The largest online poker cardroom - by virtue of having more traffic than its competitors - will have a greater chance of having games open at any given time of day, which is why the biggest site and the most popular poker room are one and the same.

Top 5 Most Popular Poker Sites Online
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The Importance of Traffic

While some people play online poker for a living, others may have day jobs requiring them to fit in playing poker online around their regular schedule. Sometimes these hours are awkward, so these players benefit from the largest poker online sites not only offering games at all hours of the day, but more importantly offering games which fill up quickly and let you start playing poker online right away.

High traffic poker sites also offer benefits when playing tournaments. High volume poker rooms are able to offer bigger guaranteed prize pools if they know they are the biggest site, and this means bigger prizes for whoever wins.

Do USA Sites Have a lot of Traffic?

Do USA sites have a lot of Traffic

American poker players don't have it as good as the Europeans when it comes to high volume poker rooms. Regulatory uncertainty has seen some of the biggest online poker sites withdraw from the market over the last decade, though there are still plenty of popular poker sites in the US and indeed some have more traffic than those in Europe.

Many of the largest poker online sites in America have been around for years, and offer USA players great tournaments and cash games 24/7. The highest traffic online poker sites might not be able to compete with Europe's biggest sites right now, but many of them are well on the way.

Disadvantages of Low Traffic

There's nothing worse than trying to clear an online poker bonus and finding out there aren't any games running - it's like you're passing up the opportunity of free money through no fault of your own. Sadly some low traffic poker rooms will have this issue, though there are plenty of high traffic online poker sites to choose from.

If you're not playing in the largest online poker cardroom, another problem with low traffic sites might be a lack of Fish. Fish will flock to poker rooms with big tournaments with huge prizes, and a low traffic site - in contrast to the most traffic poker sites - might leave you stuck playing one table at a time against other good players frustrated by facing the same opponents over and over.

We Have Found the Best Online Poker Sites for US Players

The Best Poker Sites for US Players

If you think some of the points above sound familiar, it's because pretty much every single poker player in the United States has had to deal with them at some stage. Our reviewers are experienced US online poker players so they know what you like from an online poker room - and what you want to avoid.

We have found the biggest online poker sites with the most traffic, where any American player worth his or her salt can enjoy the benefits of playing poker online. And our reviewers know everything that an online poker player should be after, so they have found not only the most popular sites but the ones with the best bonuses, best variety of games, quickest withdrawal speeds and more.