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Safe Online Poker Sites

Safe Online Poker Sites

We know safety can be a concern for USA poker players for as long as the country's favorite pastime remains unregulated at a federal level, but if you are vigilant then it is easy to find safe & secure online poker sites 2019.

Some of the safest web poker rooms have been in business for years, or even decades, and managed to guarantee quick withdrawals, busy online poker tables, and everything else that poker players in America should want from an online poker site. When asking 'Is online poker safe?', the answer is 'yes, as long as you do your research - and our reviewers have done your research for you to find the most trusted poker online sites around.

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Where are US Poker Sites Regulated?

Safe internet poker websites for US players are - with a few exceptions - regulated by overseas governments. The exceptions are in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, where in-state laws mean poker sites taking bets from United States citizens in that state require a separate state license.

Other jurisdictions which license USA online card rooms include Caribbean territories such as Curacao and Indian territories such as Kahnawake in Canada. A number of the most trusted American-facing poker sites are licensed by the governments or gaming boards of these jurisdictions, to ensure that there are still safe online poker sites for US players.

Can Poker Sites be Regulated in the US?

Can it be Regulated in the US?

At present, only the three aforementioned states - New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware - are entitled to issue licenses to online poker sites. However things are changing across the States and by the end of 2019 more of the United States may have joined these three.

It is worth keeping an eye on developments in your home state to keep track of any progress, but also remember that just because an online poker site isn't licensed in the US doesn't mean it isn't one of the safest online poker sites US players can play on.

We Found the Best and Safest Online Poker Sites

It can take a while to find the most safe & secure web poker rooms 2019 has to offer, but our team of experienced reviewers have done the work for you to ensure you play your favorite cash games and tournaments in the safest online poker environment possible.

They know the importance of keeping online poker safe, and our recommended sites are the safest online poker sites US players have access to right now. The most trusted poker sites around have earned that trust, and we have identified them for you.


- What happened with Black Friday?

What happened with Black Friday?

Black Friday was the day in April 2011 when the three biggest internet card rooms for American players had their domains seized by the United States government and were ultimately forced to withdraw from the USA market.

- Could that happen again?

While there is a chance of it happening again, has already witnessed regulatory change as a result of Black Friday and it looks like even more progress is on the way either at a state or federal level. Hopefully when we look back we will see that Black Friday was the first step towards full regulation, meaning American poker players can find the safest online poker sites easily.

- Are these sites audited?

Are these Sites Audited?

The safest online poker sites US players can play on are fully audited by independent bodies such as eCOGRA, as well as being required to pass strict licensing requirements in the jurisdictions in which they are regulated.

- Is my money protected by the US government?

Some of the safest internet poker rooms for USA players are not licensed in America, so players from the states unfortunately do not have a 100% guarantee that their money is protected by the US government. However in at least one scenario in the past the US government has helped American players recover money lost after an online poker site left the market. In addition, we are confident that as more of the States begin regulating online poker safety measures concerning player funds will become even more widespread.