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Legal Poker in Nevada

Nevada Online Poker

Nevada is world renowned for being a casino gambling hub, so it is little surprise that the Silver State was one of the first places in the United States to issue licences for in-state online poker. In keeping with its ‘All for our country’ motto, the state has been quick to ensure its many famous casinos have had a chance for a piece of the legal online poker pie.

Online poker was regulated in the Silver State in December 2011 and the first licences were issued the following year. The first legal poker sites Nevada players can use went live in 2013, and there are currently several legal poker Nevada options for those within the state’s borders.

Size of the Market

While the best poker sites in Nevada are just as high in quality as European poker sites, it is worth bearing in mind the relatively small population of the Silver State. The population of under three million, only the 35th-highest in the United States, means the online poker Nevada market has limits in terms of how big the games can get.

Nevertheless, many legal online poker Nevada sites offer big tournaments with huge guaranteed prize pools, and it has set things in motion for wider regulation across the States. Soon the motto ‘All for our country’ can be applied to Nevada’s role in growing legal online poker across the USA.


Who can play online poker in Nevada?

Who Can Play

The biggest question most online poker players have isn’t necessarily, “Is poker legal in Nevada?” Instead, it has more to do with the age requirements. Anyone over the age of 21 who lives within the Silver State boundaries can sign up for an online poker account with any of the best poker sites in Nevada – and it’s all entirely legal and regulated in-state.

What gambling games are available online?

As things stand, Nevada only offers legal online poker and not online casino games or sports betting. However the State has plenty of options for legalised land-based gambling at Las Vegas casinos and sportsbooks. Still, there is every chance that Nevada will follow the lead of other states in the future and issue licences for other online gambling games in addition to poker. In the meantime, there are still sites licensed offshore which let Nevada players enjoy other forms of online gambling.

Do you have to play for real money?

Not at all. Play money legal online poker in Nevada is available on pretty much every site that offers legal real money gambling in the Silver State, so if you want to hone your skills for free then there is nothing stopping you. Many of the best poker sites in Nevada also offer online poker Nevada freeroll tournaments, where you can win a real cash prize for no entry fee.

What does online poker mean for the land-based casinos?

What does Online Poker mean for Land Casinos

Nevada’s motto isn’t ‘All for our country’ for nothing. The Silver State requires companies to have a Nevada presence in order to be awarded an online poker licence, allowing many of the famous casinos on the strip to launch an online arm and move into the US internet poker space for the first time. This brings advantages for players as well, as many casino groups let you deposit cash in person at one of their venues in order to credit your online poker account.

Will other states follow Nevada’s lead?

Two other states, New Jersey and Delaware, already have the same forms of legal online poker Nevada has. The success of these three states so far suggests more will follow suit, and many have already tried. Among those to introduce legislation relating to online poker are California, Florida and Iowa, while others have also had bills reach varying stages in the legislative process. We are still waiting for a fourth state to issue licences for legal online poker sites, but it looks like being just a matter of time.