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New Jersey Online Poker

New Jersey Online Poker

New Jersey has stayed true to its motto and offered Liberty and Prosperity for US legal online poker, passing a bill in 2013 and seeing the first legal online poker New Jersey sites go live that same year.

The History of Legal Poker in New Jersey

The Garden State had seen a number of false starts when it comes to online gambling, but Senator Raymond Lesniak eventually got his bill through in early 2013 and the first legal poker sites New Jersey has seen went live later that same year.

New Jersey is among the largest of the States in the US, with a population of just under nine million people ranking it 11th out of all 50 of the United States, and this is only good news for online poker player pools. There is hope that for legal online poker New Jersey can sustain a wide variety of poker sites and networks, maximizing the choice for online poker players.

Furthermore, NJ online gambling law allows for a wide range of online casino games in addition to online poker, and it is hoped that in the long run this will bring more players and potentially more fish to legal online poker sites in the Garden State.


Is poker legal in New Jersey?

Definitely. In fact, the state has regulated online poker for its residents, so many people choose to play at legal New Jersey poker sites that are operated by Atlantic City casinos. Legit New Jersey poker sites based offshore are also popular.

How long has New Jersey legal online poker been available?

How long has it been available?

The first legal poker sites in New Jersey went live in November 2013, and more have cropped up since then. The best poker sites in New Jersey offer casino games as well as online poker, reflecting the state motto of ‘Liberty and Prosperity’. Senator Raymond Lesniak was a huge driving force behind this progress, proposing multiple online poker bills before one eventually made it into law.

Will New Jersey partner with any other of the States in the USA?

While Delaware and Nevada have both issued online poker licenses, this is yet to happen. Some observers remain confident, however, that poker sites in the Garden State will eventually pool players with those elsewhere, bringing about bigger and better legal online poker games for all concerned.

Why did it take so long for online poker to be legalized? Weren’t earlier bills rejected?

New Jersey has always had a strong reputation when it comes to gambling, with Atlantic City casinos remaining among the most popular on the east coast, so it seems surprising that Governor Chris Christie rejected an earlier version of the legislation. However once he was satisfied with the level of tax paid by online poker sites it made it easier for the Garden State Governor to let the bill through, ensuring much needed tax revenues for New Jersey.

What will the impact be on the land-based casinos?

As with Nevada, many of the best poker sites in New Jersey have ties to the state’s land-based casinos. This means players on legal poker sites New Jersey can deposit to their online accounts from the Atlantic City casinos, or enjoy benefits at the bricks and mortar venues by virtue of having an online poker account with one or more of the poker legal New Jersey sites.

Could we see online sports betting in New Jersey?

Sports betting in New Jersey

Senator Lesniak, as well as introducing the Garden State’s poker bill, has repeatedly challenged the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), calling it unconstitutional due to its discrimination in favor of a minority of states, including Nevada. He has been challenged by various sports leagues on his stance, but in 2019 the senator pledged to have legal sports betting in New Jersey this year. Whether that is online or merely land-based betting remains to be seen, but we live in hope.