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Pennsylvania Online Poker

Pennsylvania Online Poker

Pennsylvania is one of the States in the USA where online poker is a gray area, however there has been more clamor for legal online poker in the Keystone State than there has been in some other parts of the United States.

The Pennsylvania state motto of Virtue, Liberty and Independence sounds like something in keeping with a jurisdiction that would be keen to regulate activities such as legal online poker, and Pennsylvania’s population of more than 12 million people would seem to set it up well for a legal poker framework. However concerns were expressed about Harry Reid’s federal bill efforts back in 2010, with concerns raised that with the accessibility of legal online poker Pennsylvania citizens could shy away from other forms of gambling like lottery tickets, thereby having an adverse impact on local businesses.

The Keystone State has had some form of legalized gambling for more than 80 years, with charity bingo and horse racing prominent in Pennsylvania since the 1930s. Indeed the recent decline in revenues from these forms of gaming could lead to us seeing legal online poker Pennsylvania’s next great revenue stream. Similarly, the success of legal poker sites Pennsylvania neighbor New Jersey has seen could lead politicians to revive online poker plans which previously fell at an early stage.

Pennsylvania is generally progressive in gambling terms, particularly in the 21st century as factions in other states opt to crack down on the activity. Casino licenses were issued as recently as 2006, two years after the formation of the state’s gambling board, and poker, blackjack and slot machines are all available for Pennsylvanians to enjoy legally at licensed land-based venues. However in online terms, the best poker sites in Pennsylvania are licensed offshore and out of state.


Will New Jersey launching legal online poker cause Pennsylvania to follow suit?

Ever since the first Atlantic City casinos opened up, residents of Pennsylvania have headed east to New Jersey, and there is concern of a similar movement now that the Garden State has regulated online poker. With legal poker sites Pennsylvania could challenge the nearby state, so it certainly isn’t out of the question.

Could Pennsylvania regulate other online gambling games?

Regulate other Gambling Games

Pennsylvania has some tradition of casino and sports betting, but even some other states in a similar position have opted for poker-only bills first. Still, if we see the growth of the best poker sites in Pennsylvania then other games could ultimately follow. It is probably best not to get carried away, and wait until one product is regulated before worrying about others.

What is the Pennsylvania lottery’s stance on online gambling?

It is generally opposed, even to online lottery ticket sales. There has been some concern that this would harm retailers who generate incidental extra income from customers who stop by to buy lottery tickets. A fear of the unknown is understandable to a point, and it is for this reason that online lottery sales look unlikely in the foreseeable future. However in our opinion there is nothing to suggest with the advent of legal online poker Pennsylvania would drive business away from land-based casinos.

Can poker players drive legislation forward?

Drive Legislation forward

We certainly don’t think it could hurt, and Pennsylvania boasts a number of WSOP stars including two-time bracelet winner John Hennigan and November Niner Russell Thomas. If lawmakers in Pennsylvania discover that there is a huge amount of support for online poker among its citizens, one would think this might convince them to think again about raising the subject with their fellow politicians. This is especially true considering with legal online poker Pennsylvania could potentially generate a significant amount of extra tax revenue.