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Texas Online Poker

Texas Online Poker

The status of legal poker in Texas remains unclear in 2019. As with much of the United States, Texas has no specific bill either permitting or forbidding online poker, and there is no federal law preventing Texas citizens from playing legal online poker at offshore sites that accept US players.

Legality of poker

Some of the most famous poker players around, such as Doyle Brunson and Amarillo Slim, developed their game on the road in the Lone Star State, whose motto of ‘Friendship’ has ensured many a group of Texan friends will enjoy a game of poker around the kitchen table over a few beers. The state has a history of private gambling venues, and although many illegal gambling spots have been shut down over time, the game retains an aura within the boundaries of Texas.

The Lone Star State seems the perfect place to establish an online poker hub, with many huge cities, a population of more than 26 million (second only to California in the USA), and the most popular form of the game (Texas Hold’em) even named after the state. If someone asked you to name one place in America that seems ‘right’ for online poker, then Texas would surely be up there.


Can Texans play online poker at home?

It is legal for residents of Texas to play poker at home with friends or family, as long as the house does not take a rake. As a result, home games are popular across the Lone Star State and there are even stories of players ending up at the World Series of Poker after winning one of the famous Texas poker home games.

Have there been any attempts to regulate online poker

Regulate Online Poker

Legal online poker in Texas has been raised on the agenda on more than one occasion, and in fact there have been discussions over changing the status of live gambling to allow legal real money poker games at specifically licensed venues. Of course, as far as US online poker players are concerned, the more significant development is last year’s legislation proposing to allow online poker in Texas under a federal online poker framework or potentially through the state’s lottery system. This has not been passed into law, but it is a positive sign that legal online poker is being discussed so vocally.

Is any other gambling allowed in Texas?

There is a Texas state lottery, however there has even been talk of ending this. Texas has taken a hard line on all forms of gambling, although a Texan politician, Congressman Joe Barton, has been one of the driving forces behind federal online poker laws.

Why is Joe Barton fighting for legal online poker at a federal level?

For much the same reason as any Texan resident would push for such a bill – Congressman Barton likes playing poker with friends and family, and thinks more people should have the right to play the game whenever and wherever they choose. He understands that many people in the Lone Star State want to play online poker legally, and we imagine he would be hugely proud if the USA had its best poker sites in Texas.

Isn’t it ironic that you can’t play Texas Hold’em in Texas?

Ironic you can't play Texas Hold'em in Texas

Don’t worry, we appreciate the irony just as much as you do. Players can play legal Texas Hold’em poker online across Europe and much of the rest of the world, but as things stand just three of the United States have issued legal online poker licenses for the game. We can only live in hope that Texas will join these three states sooner rather than later.