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Poker Tips

Some people do better at poker than others. If you’re wondering what they know that you don’t, stop sweating it. We’ve got the top 10 poker tips you need to succeed at Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and pretty much any variation of online poker.

1. Get a good welcome bonus

Most online poker sites in the United States will offer some form of welcome bonus for new players who sign up to the site, and our reviews section lets you compare some of the best bonuses around. Failing to get a good welcome bonus is basically passing on free money, and making it harder for you to build up an online poker bankroll.

2. Learn to let go of a hand

One of the most common mistakes made by US players is not knowing when to fold. Your hand might look pretty before the flop, but it is always worth considering what range of hands your opponent could be holding. You don't have to win every hand, and remember - it is always better to make a bad fold than a bad call.

3. Play freerolls to build your balance

Play Freerolls

When you are learning the game, freerolls can be a valuable asset. Most poker sites in America offer these free tournaments with generous no-strings-attached prizes, and not only do they let you improve your play without spending a single cent, but they also give USA players the chance to gradually build a bankroll over time.

4. Don't jump stakes until you are ready

It is a good rule of thumb to play for a while at small stakes until you are confident enough - and until you have a big enough balance - to move up a level. Just because you have been winning big at your usual stakes doesn't mean it will automatically be the same when you go up one rung on the ladder. This advice works both ways, too - if you move up in stakes and are finding it tough, don't be afraid to move back down to your previous level.

5. Experiment with different poker variants

Most American poker players will have been introduced to the game after watching it on TV or in the movies, so they will be most familiar with No-Limit Texas Hold'em. This can lead to a strong standard even at relatively low stakes, so it can be worth your while checking out different variants: if you can perfect a different form of poker then you will often find yourself up against less experienced and generally weaker players.

6. Don't play with distractions

Don't play with Distractions

When you start out playing online poker for real money you want to keep your focus, so you can assess what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong. Distractions can be everywhere, particularly when playing online poker in the comfort of your own home, so try your best to stay focused and ignore anything that might put you off your game.

7. Learn to multi-table

One good way to keep your concentration when you play poker online is to play more than one table at a time. That way there is less chance of your mind wandering in between hands, as there will be another hand in play at another table. Most United States poker sites will allow you to multi-table, but it can be sensible to try two tables at once before going any higher, and never play more tables than your computer's screen size can handle.

8. Understand when you are outclassed and move on

While there is some merit to testing yourself against the very best players in the States, most people hope to make a profit when they play real money online poker. There is no shame in moving on if you know your opponent has the measure of you - one of the smartest things you can do is practice more, improve your game, and then come back and beat them next time you play.

9. Don't drink and play

Don't Drink and Play

This one is fairly obvious - many of us have felt overconfident after a couple of drinks, only to realize we're not quite the masters of our own destiny that we envisaged, and this goes for poker as well as other endeavors. What's more, if you've been drinking then you are much more likely to go on tilt after losing a few hands, as your patience often isn't as strong as when you're sober - suddenly a bit of bad luck can turn into a lot of bad luck and things can start to get really expensive.

10. Take regular breaks from playing

One downside of online poker being constantly available is the temptation to keep playing. You don't have the natural breaks in play that you might do at the casino, so you have to use your common sense and work out when you might need a break. If you feel your concentration slipping and your sharpness going, a change of scene can benefit you greatly - even something as small as a trip to the gym or a walk around the block can be really helpful.